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About Cotton Jim's Flags

Ordering Policy
All orders are filled as submitted by the purchaser. Orders are not completed until full payment has been received by Cotton Jim's Flags. Following the ordering process is as follows:
  • Place your order(s) through Cotton Jim's Flags website, emailed or called in at 757.427.5725. Your order will be sent directly. You should receive a confirmation that your order has been received via email.
  • After receiving your confirmation your order is filled and prepared for shipment.
  • Per your confirmation email you will need to mail payments or verify your PayPal payment to Cotton Jim's Flags.
  • Once payment is received and processed your order will be shipped via U.S. postal service.
All flags and rule books are protected by copyright laws. Misusage or reproduction of images, rules, etc are prohibited. These terms and conditions are bound by purchase, as well as illegally obtaining these products. Individuals found guilty of such infringements will be dealt with by legal action.
Special Note to Dealers
Cotton Jim's values its current and new war gaming dealers. To better serve your needs about our products, dealer specials and ordering, please contact us directly.

Also feel free to inquiry about out show/convention schedule. Thanks Cotton Jim


Payments are due before actual shipment of the product. Currently we only except PayPal, checks and money orders

All orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal service. Shipping charges are calculated by purchase amounts. Lost, damaged or stolen parcels are not the responsibility of Cotton Jim's Flags, unless otherwise stated. Some standard charges for postal fees are as follows:
  • Free shipping for flag orders for those in the U.S. and Canada. Outside North America add 20%.
  • $2.00 shipping fees on the first book/rule send in the U.S. or Canada and $1.00 each addition book/rule sent after the first. Outside North America, please contact us.
Errors, Complaints and Customer Service

All questions or assistance should be directed through email or phone on normal business hours from 9 am - 4pm eastern standard time (Monday - Friday).

Other Inquiries
All inquries not related to orders should be sent to: cottonjim@cottonjimsflags.com

Our Catalog of our products is available and shipped to you for a $2.00 charge. Contact Us Today!

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